I have used the X39 Patches since Aug 2020 and now am pretty amazed at how they have helped me. This is a unique product with Multiple Patents, Clinical Studies and no competion. People have various reactions, some very quickly and others after a month or so. It is a natural change so it might take time, we are all different! Try to improve your health for less than a cup of coffee a day!

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Improvements I have noticed:

Latest: Less Arthritus pain, I had a old jar of salsa that was very hard to open, had to strain with all my might and got the lid off then thought "there is no way I could have done that for 4 years! My hands would have hurt too much! The only difference is I started the patches 2 months before.

I do Trail Restoration Work on most weekends, it can be very physical and now I am much more flexible and energitic!

I noticed after a few days was sleeping better, deeper and feeling more rested in the morning.

I have had dry eye for years now with a feeling like I had sand in my eyes all day. The Optomotrist said I have very small dandruff on my eyelids which was getting in my eyes causing the feeling. After 6 weeks or so that is completly gone and my eyes are much more moist!

Then my bladder issues at age 70, it gets stiffer and is not as flexible as we age so you have to go more often. After 4 weeks or so I didn't have to go as often and had more when I went!

After 2 months I noticed my mood was Much better even though things are hard now with Covid etc. Another nice surprise!

Last at about 2-1/2 months I noticed my old guy issue was getting better than using the testosterone supplements! Feeling younger!

For years now I have had non-diabetic Neuropathy with tingling in my feet and calves. Seems to be imprving slightly. I am hoping with time this will keep improving.

The X39 works different with eveyone. So I can't say what they will do for you but they offer a 90 day Satisfaction Guarantee on the first order, that is how much they believe in them. You do not need to join the "Sales Structure" to try them at wholesale price! Contact me to learn how below.

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