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I am no longer making the VRC MKII but if you need parts for your MKI or MKII Virtual Racing Chassis see below. I also have access to used VRCs, if interested contact me and I will get you in touch with the owners.

JUST IN: A very slightly used VRC MKII Complete with Fanatec CSR Wheel, Clubsport pedals, Ibuypower gaming PC, Monitor Stand with Vizio 32 inch all for $1500. It is located in Berkeley CA and is one of my racing clients. Contact me if you are interested. It has only been used for maybe 3 hours and has been sitting ever since, Excellent condition. Below are a few pics

Ready to go! Asking $1500 pickup only in Berkeley Ca.


Below are parts available that I still have:

MKI Heel Pad $25 including shipping

VRC MKI seat covers $30 inclucing shipping

These parts below for MKI or MKII VRC's

Adjusting Knobs set of 4, $10 including shipping

for frame inserts, steering plate stiffeners or advice. please contact me below

For local pickup in San Rafael, CA please contact me below

Email or
Call /Text (415)203-5519 PST 8AM -6PM






**Shifter Mount for Logitech G25/27 $50.00** "IN STOCK"

The Shifter Mount is made of mild steel and uses the same Adjusting Knobs and inserts as the VRC and Monitor Stand. It mounts to the Pedal Plate Assembly of the VRC and adjusts for length and height. Fits MKI and MKII VRC's.

Place Your Order Here
Shifter Mount's are "IN STOCK"

Contact me here to order


If you have problems with the MKI Fiberglass Seat please email me for repair instructions.


Contact Information:

Bob Earl Racing Inc
2500 Deer Valley Rd. Apt 232
San Rafael, CA 94903

Phone: 415-203-5519 cell "Pacific Standard Time"